Sewer Line Project On Hold In Minden Due To PCB


MINDEN, WV (WOAY)—A subcontractor hired by the City of Oak Hill to construct new sewer lines that would run through the town of Minden has been put on hold.


Tribute Contracting and Consultants in South Point, Ohio removed their equipment from the site until further notice. WOAY reached out to the City Council and Tribute Contracting Consultants who had no comment.


Residents of Minden are now expressing their concern on the matter and the reasons they believe the company put the project on hold.


“I think it’s a great indication that there are still people around to care about you. People are dying down here and Oak Hill – all they see is their sewer project, which I understand their problems. They try to say it’s our problem, when it’s not. If they would take their people, their customers that are on our system and take that off and quit letting that tanker come down here and dump into our system, ours wouldn’t be a problem at all,” said Darrel Thomas, Resident of Minden.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had discovered PCBs in the ground around Minden, and had recently found four more sites that were contaminated. Minden residents will be meeting tomorrow to further discuss the matter.

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