Several Arrest Made Following Beating Video Posted To Social Media

Wyoming County.,WV (WOAY) – One young man was sent to the hospital after an incident last Thursday. Newswatch has the story on how a young man was beat up and it was all recorded on social media.

Hunter Lusk, Joshua Allen, Aaron Irick and Alex Hamrick were all arrested on Tuesday following a graphic video posted to Snapchat showing the men head-butting, kicking and punching the victim.

According to the Wyoming County Sheriffs Dept. the victim was at home playing video games when Allen and Lusk entered the home.

The incident is believed to have started over text messages between the victim and a female.

Wyoming County¬†Chief Deputy James White adds,”A¬†girl messaged the victim he messaged her back and it escalated after that.”

In the victims statement, an argument ensued between him and the two men. Allen allegedly repeatedly hit and kicked the victim. Afterwards the men then forcibly took the victim and transported him to a second home located in Lynco in which the beating continued.

This incident has left local community members appalled.

Oceana Resident Jim Cook adds, “What were they thinking they should’ve known better than that, they should’ve known it was going to be punishment to follow.”

According to the Wyoming County Magistrate Office Dalton Watts who also was also involved in the incident has turned himself in Wednesday morning.

Allen has been charged with conspiracy and malicious wounding while the others are being charged with accessory. Earlier this month Allen was arrested for engaging in sexual acts with a 13-year-old minor.

White adds, “Allen is charged with 3rd degree sexual abuse an engaging sexual conduct with a minor.”

All the men involved have been transported to Southern Regional Jail. The victim has been transported to a hospital in Kentucky.

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