Senator Joe Manchin Receives Endorsement From United Mine Workers Of America

Joe Manchin, senate
Joe Manchin

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY)- Senator Joe Manchin received an endorsement earlier today in his re-election campaign from the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA).

According to the UMWA, the union represents more than 35,000 active and retired West Virginia coal miners.

The endorsement that Senator Manchin received is considered to be one of most significant in the state.

WOAY spoke to Senator Manchin on how he felt to receive this endorsement.

“Whether it was my baseball coach, my little league coach, whether it was my Boy Scout leader, it was coal miners that basically shaped my life and to have the people you’ve grown up with and people you know the best that will still support you and give you total endorsement in their support means all the world to me,” said Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin is a true friend to coal miners and has always fought aside working families.

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