Senator Capito shares concerns about VA hospital cuts, border crisis, and abortion overturn during press conference

WEST VIRGINIA, (WOAY) – U.S Senator Shelley Moore Capito sat down with the press Thursday to unpack a variety of issues.

One of the major topics the morning press conference covered was the Environment and Public Works passage of the bipartisan Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). The act will look at challenges the country faces in getting water resources as well as make revisions for improvements on the issue.

Another major topic of concern was her discussion with the Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary Mayorkas about the border crisis and immigration policy.

“The numbers of illegal immigrants that are being apprehended when Title 42 is projected to be lifted on May 23,” Senator Capito says. “What are they expecting? How are they going to handle this? Quite honestly it has been very dissatisfying to me.”

In addition, Capito discussed the issue of proposed cuts to VA hospitals in West Virginia, a topic she finds to be deeply concerning as they offer medical services used by many veterans around the state.

Bringing broadband internet to rural communities was yet another topic on the agenda. Capito recently joined Senator Amy Klobuchar in introducing the Rural Broadband Protection Act, which would require a more thorough examination of internet service providers seeking to take part in the FCC’s high-cost programs.

The biggest topic of discussion during the meeting however seemed to be that of the recent Supreme Court’s leak to abolish women’s abortion rights.

“It technically boils down to what is your right to privacy and how does that interplay with your right to have an abortion,” she says. “I think at least the first reading appears as though these decisions are going to be thrown to the states.”

Capito believes the draft opinion is a wait-and-see matter over what may come out of it next.

Capito stated that she found the Supreme Court’s leak to be shocking, saying that she had never seen anything like it before.

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