Senator Capito Introduced Legislation At Cayon Rim

FAYETTEVILLE, WV – Sen. Capito made an announcement at the canyon rim visitor center to introduce legislation that would change the designation of and re-designate the new river gorge national river in West Virginia as the “New River Gorge National Park.”

The new river gorge national park is more than 70,000 acres of land along 53 miles of the new river. This change was initiated by a multiple people who believed that the name change would help in economic development. Causing more tourism, creating more business and providing more jobs.

” Well I think if we are successful here and I think we will be, to designate this as a national park will mean many more visitors, much more economic development, many more people coming to West Virginia. We were approached by the economic development, the local folks, and the recreational committee saying we have such a beautiful resource here! Lets make this a national park and really maximize the potential.”

If the re-designation of the New river gorge national river does become the New river gorge national park it can help build economic growth and attract more travelers, sight seers and adventurous tourists to this area.


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