The Second Annual Mountain State Maple Day!

 If you are a maple syrup lover then Saturday is a day for you to celebrate, as different sugar houses and businesses all over the state of West Virginia host the second annual mountain state maple day. WOAY visited one local sugar house to learn more about delicious maple syrup. Owner of Sugar House and Daniel’s Maple Products, Brandon Daniels, stated “We’re showing people how maple syrup was made, we’re letting them taste our products. Explaining to them the health benefits of maple syrup, and how it’s all natural and organically produced and just showing people through the process of how they can actually make maple syrup themselves if they’d like to.”

Brandon Daniels became interested in making maple syrup at a young age. He now owns his own business and even sells his syrup at different stores throughout West Virginia. Daniels said, “We sell it in different size containers, we have the gallons which are $50, we have the quarts which are $14, half gallons that are $26 and then we have other novelty in smaller size containers.”

After tasting maple syrup, some West Virginians say they are now hooked on the delicious product. Maple enthusiast, Babs Hill stated, “Oh I love it, I did run out in January this year, so I’ve been anxious for it to open again.” Jackeb Shuck who is also a maple syrup enthusiast said, “This syrup really goes fast at our house, I mean like a couple of months after we get it it’s usually gone”

Daniels sugar house will be hosting another open house on Sunday, if you are interested in trying some homemade maple syrup. 

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