Search for Tazewell County Boys Reaches Day Six

TAZEWELL COUNTY, Va. (WOAY) – It’s been six days since 8th graders Sean Harrison and Dakota Crouse, 14, fled their homes.

“I just want him to come home,” said Dakota’s mother Elaina Trivitt. “[My biggest concern is] just that he’s safe and warm.”

Sean’s father Michael Trivitt said tips so far have led authorities no where, describing them as “bogus” and “dead ends.”

New hope came to light on Monday after a tip led Tazewell Sheriff’s Office to Princeton. The sheriff’s office is reviewing hours of surveillance footage after someone said they saw one of the boys at Walmart.

“We’re reviewing some video there,” said Sheriff Brian Hieatt. “Someone said they thought the person they saw on it was one of the boys, so we’re reviewing one of the videos there.”

Sean and Dakota are thought to be together after disappearing from their homes around the same time. Before last week, the two were known to run in the same social circles. However, the families say they didn’t know the two knew each other.

Investigators found a recently burned campfire near Dakota’s abandoned 4-wheeler in Abbs Valley shortly after the two disappeared. One tip claimed the boys were sleeping on school buses parked behind Springville Elementary School.

Sean Harrison has run away before, but his family said he seemed to be in good spirits before he left. His father said he has a lot of questions but mainly just wants to know that he’s okay.

“He was laughing and always joking around, playing,” his sister Samantha Stiltner said.

His father added: “It just happened. I don’t know why.”

The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office asks that if you or someone you know has any information that may lead to the whereabouts of the two boys, please call them to leave an anonymous tip.

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