Saturday Nights Powerball At $384 Million

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY)— If you’re hoping for more money in 2018, one lucky individual could have a dream come true by winning the lottery.


Officials have a way to determine who claims the money when winning tickets are presented, “Whoever signs the back of the ticket is the individual that has to claim the ticket and the proceeds,” said Kurt Panoseus, CPA.


No winners claimed the Friday night Mega Million which means the Powerball is now at 384 million dollars.


With the cost of Powerball tickets at only $2.00, residents of West Virginia are making sure that they grab their last minute tickets.


Many West Virginians and those visiting even shared how they would spend the big bucks if they won.


“Wow I think I would pay off bills, buy a house, pay off some bills for my family and then save it,” said one Lottery Player.


“Pay off some loans, get a new truck, maybe buy a new house down somewhere south,” said Jackson Brown, who bought his lottery ticket today.


While some may be traveling for the New Year, many are making stops along the way to pick up their lottery tickets in hopes of a lucky start to 2018. Good luck to those participating!

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