"Rosie The Riveter", Labor Day Celebration

Bells are ringing all across the nation for Labor Day, as we celebrate the hard working women during World War II. 

The ringing of bells, is a new holiday tradition that different generations are taking part in. The sound of the bells ringing is to remember and recognize all of Americas, “Rosie The Riveters.”  

“In April of 2016, they were honoring a local lady who was a “Rosie The Riveter”, and the Girl Scouts were planting a tree in her honor. The lady brought a bell with her and it was pouring rain, so she didn’t stay outside. Instead, she went inside the library and watched from there. When the tree was planted and the Girl Scouts stood back to make sure everything was okay, she rang her bell. That is where the idea of the bell ringing came from.” 

This year, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Ronceverte is honoring one local “Rosie” from Alderson, WV, who told us her remarkable story. 

“Having left Alderson, during the beginning of World War II, to go work in a defense plant because so many of our young men were being drafted for the military,” said Lineberry. 93 year old Lineberry is just one of the many “Rosie’s” who stepped forward to work on the home front during World War II. 

“There were hardships but we were young, we were proud to be doing what we could to try and bring our boys home. But, the hardships weren’t nearly as strong as our faith and our God.” 

Lineberry’s husband, Joseph, was a Purple Heart recipient in World War II. He served in France, Belgium, Italy, and other areas.  Lineberry’s husband had many injuries and came out as 10 percent disability. 

Lineberry says her favorite memory is when the war was over. She said everyone was screaming, yelling, and so thankful that it was finally over with.  

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