Rosedale Elementary School Helps Students Transition Through Skype

Fayette County, WV (WOAY) – Rosedale Elementary School is using an innovative way to help their students transition into the new school year.

Although the current school year is not over yet, next year Rosedale Elementary, New River Elementary, and Mount Hope Elementary School will be consolidating into one school.

Each school held their Christmas program, allowing each student to participate with each school through skype.

One teacher shares how important it is to allow the students to participate in school activities through skype.

“I think this is a wonderful transition activity for us to share some of the music we’ve been learning, some of the music we’ve been singing with the students we’re going to see next year.” Said Philip Summers, Rosedale Elementary School Music Teacher.

Each school has been creating different activities to help the children be able to transition into the new school year smoothly. The Christmas program was each schools first time using Skype as a new method to help with the transition.


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