Road-Rage Causing Shots To Be Fired In Oak Hill

OAK HILL, WV – A local married couple were driving down the road on Minden Ave in Oak Hill when a young man on foot became enraged and began firing shots at them.

” I was scared, I didn’t know what was happening.” Said Melanie Nadie

Melanie is still in shock. She and her husband Ralph were driving down Minden Ave in Oak Hill when the unthinkable happened.

” We were leaving and he flipped me off and I pulled out of the driveway and he shot six times.” Said Ralph Nadie
” It all happened so fast I just heard my husband say get down.” Said, Melanie
The Couple, not hit by any of the bullets. But look at their car, Struck three times!
” I don’t know I just wanted everyone to be safe. I was worried about my wife getting shot really.” Said, Ralph.
Ralph then chased after the shooter who Oak Hill Police say is 18-year-old Kenneth Batey. Eventually, Melanie says Batey ran into this shop. Below the family dollar in Oak Hill. Cops arrived soon after and arrested him.
” He could’ve killed us… I’m just glad my kids weren’t in the truck…”
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