Rim to River 100 Endurance Race to return to Ace Adventure Resort next month

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – ACE Adventure Resort is gearing up for one of the largest yearly events ever to be held at their location.

The Rim to River 100 is a 100 mile endurance race that begins and ends at ACE Adventure Resort.

According to Haynes Manfield with ACE Adventure Resort, this is only the second year the race has been put on, and they are preparing to see hundreds of racers turn out.

“One of our river managers hosts an ultra race,” Manfield said. “It’s a 100 mile race covering almost all of the New River Gorge National Park.” 

Last year was the first time the race was ever put on. It’s the first and only endurance race in West Virginia to reach the 100 mile mark.

And to help commemorate the special event, a local film production company called The Folkway is putting together a documentary that will premiere the night before the race at the resort.

“Even if you’re not a runner, you can show up the night before for the premiere of a local video team’s documentary. It follows the journey of the race and the challenge to take on a race like that.” 

Registration began for the race roughly ten months ago and was only open for a day before the race was completely filled up. Runners from all over the country are expected to turn out.

“It’s really exciting. There are very few ultra marathons that take place in national parks. It brings a whole new audience of folks to the area to understand why this place is so amazing.” 

The race takes runners all around the New River Gorge. It’s so long, that they will have 32 hours to complete the course. 

The race will begin on Nov. 6. Proceeds will go to Adventure Appalachia, a non-profit focused on providing outdoor experiences for young adults and children.

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