Richwood High School Students Protest

“Now they’re not letting them do a peaceful, silent protest, so their voices can be heard. That’s what this was all about, because their not being heard.” says Cynthia Arbaugh, who is a Grandmother of a student at Richwood High School.  The students at Richwood High School were put on lockdown but they are now able to come out and let their voices be heard. “At 11:12, they said we could get out of our classes, so I am assuming that they thought they were going to stop us.” says Madison Frame, who is a senior.

On Wednesday morning, students at Richwood High School came together as a community to send a strong message to the board of not close their schools. Minutes before their protest began, the school received a threat which gave them no choice but to go on lockdown until they were able to eliminate the threat and let the students be heard.  “The Board of Education needs to realize that, we really do care and that we do not want them to consolidate. We are not afraid to show our opinions, they need to listen to us and stop throwing us in a bag, acting like we do not exist, or acting like they do not care about our opinions” said Frame. “The flood, I was a victim of it and you can’t really stop that, that’s why its called a natural disaster, but to me you can stop this.”

The Board of Education plans on closing all Richwood Schools, and sending their students to another school.

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