Nicholas Co. Flood Victims Become New Homeowner's

You hear the stories of sadness and of pain, “It was so devastating last year. My daughter was in the home that actually got flooded. I couldn’t reach her, I was in Summersville” said, Joann Wilfong, one of the many flood victims in Richwood. 

Many of those families were displaced from their homes, with their lives turned upside down in just a blink of an eye. One flood victim, Rebecca Murphy added, “I never knew what I was going to see when I looked out the window and saw the creek rising.” But, now a year later those families have been given a new home. The town of Richwood came together on Thursday as they presented a new set of keys to the flood victims. Wilfong told us, “I’m just really excited, I mean I’m blessed.” While another flood victim, Bertha Dennison added, “Oh I feel good, it’s great. I told her I wasn’t sure I was going to get one or not but I was excited to death when they told me I got one.” Another victim added something that many women might relate to, she said, “It’s just absolutely awesome, you know you grow up, I think all us girls think about owning our own houses and having our little white picket fences. But, you don’t think it’s ever going to happen.” 

During the event, Governor Jim Justice gave a special speech to the city of Richwood. Justice felt honored to be able to visit Richwood as they continue on the road to recovery. Governor Jim Justice told us, “Today’s a day to reflect on a terrible event but at the same time it’s a day of recovery and so it’s important for me to be here.” 

The event also included the Mayor of Richwood, Bob Henry Baber. As well as, Neighbors Loving Neighbors, West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active In Disaster, Mennonite Disaster Service, Appalachian Service Project, Rotarty International, Homes For White Sulphur Springs.

The names of the families that were given, Faith Villas are:

Ms. Jeanie Elliott

Ms. Rebecca Murphy

Ms. Bertha Dennison

Ms. Joann Wilfong

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford (Elsie) Henline

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