Richwood Continues The Anti-Consolidation Fight

Almost one year later, and Richwood still feels likes it’s under water…

Dr. Bob Henry Baber, the Mayor of Richwood, said, “Not only are we trying to recover from the flood, but we’re also trying to recover from the fact that somebody would try to also take our schools away from us in the midst of this.”

The mayor of Richwood was at the State Capitol on Monday morning to show how Nicholas County was going to continue the fight for anti-consolidation.

“I’m here to really praise and announce that our wonderful citizens of Nicholas county got together and wrote 750 plus letters, which were copied and mailed to everybody from President Trump, to the Governor and everybody else. Saying ‘Do not allow FEMA money to be misused, and do not consolidate Richwood High School and Middle School out of existence,” he told us.

Residents of Nicholas County undertook the letter writing campaign because they say they have lost confidence in their local leadership to defend their schools and education.

And although Richwood’s poverty rate is 49%, the high schools have been able to raise the graduation rate to 96% the last two years. They feel like this is something they should be rewarded for, not punished.

“I hope that this begins the national public relations campaign to put an end to this theft of two schools. Somebody in Washington D.C. is going to get wind of this and take a look at it and say, ‘What is happening here?! No. This is not going to happen. We are not going to do this to a flooded town with a great school in it. It should not only be kept open, but should be replicated throughout the United States,” Mayor Baber expressed.

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