Residents Visit Memorial Where Mining Explosion Took Place

WHITESVILLE., WV (WOAY) – Today marks the 8th anniversary since the devastating explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine.

It was a sad day as citizens in Whitesville paid their respects by laying wreaths and flowers to honor the lives of the 29 mining workers who passed away.

Each year community members take time out of their day to attend the memorial along with the site where it all happened. It can be used as a chance to remember the good times and also let those who passed know that they still care.

Cheryl McKnight a Rock Creek Resident shares why she makes time to come visit each year,

“They were brave enough to go underground and anymore, it’s so dangerous that it’s need. She continued, it’s needed to come and say hey I haven’t forgot.”

Another memorial was held later in the day with Senator Joe Manchin in attendance.

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