Some Residents Return Home After Fire

It has only been three nights but it feels like a lifetime for residents at Hinton House Apartments, after a fire broke out Monday afternoon. This caused all residents to evacuate the complex until further notice. Resident, Ana Richmond told us, “Monday was my birthday and my friend and I were at Pizza Hut celebrating. My daughter called, she works at rite aid and said “Mom, where are you?” And I said, “Pizza Hut” and she said “Your apartment is on fire!” And I said “What?” And she said, “You better get down there and look.”

This left many residents trying to scramble to find a place to stay. But thankfully, that headache is over for some of the residents, as some of their apartments were deemed safe and they were able to return to them on Thursday. Resident, Earl Vest said, “I’m glad to be back and I hope the rest of the people get to come home real soon.” While another resident, Douglas Jackson told us, “I’m glad to be home, and I am glad no one was hurt.”

Although some people are happy to be home, there are still others staying at a local hotel and also with friends and relatives. And for those who didn’t have a place to stay, that is when Summers County Council Aging in Hinton stepped in. Lin Goins, who is the executive director there told us, “A lot didn’t have anywhere to go, so the Red Cross has been great through this, they cams over and brought us bunks and blankets, pillows, food for both that evening and the next morning for breakfast. We housed twenty people there at the senior center, we gave them a safe place to be.

And for others, they are still waiting for that call like Carmella Gill who told us, “I’m not back, my mother is, I still can’t get into my apartment.”

Fire officials are still investigating what caused the fire, we will update you as soon as the information becomes available. 

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