Residents of McDowell County Share Their Thoughts on Trump

Voters in McDowell County overwhelmingly voted for President Trump back in November. With all of the controversy the President is now finding himself in, residents of McDowell County still say they wouldn’t have changed their vote for the President and we as a Nation should give him a second chance. “I really think that he is trying. Everything is not going to come out overnight, so he is really taking steps at a time and he feels a lot of pressure from the media.” says, Charity Marrs who voted for Trump and lives in McDowell County. Mairlyn Mullins, who is also a McDowell County Resident did not want to share with WOAY if she voted for President Trump or not. But when we asked her how she feels he is doing as a President she stated, “Well I think it has not been that long. Since he is President, we need to give it a chance and pray for him. You know things don’t happen overnight.”

McDowell County is considered the most pro Trump County in the United States and residents said they have already seen a change in coal mining. Jeff Adkins, who was born and raised in McDowell County and is Pro Trump said,  “I see a change already coming, I’ve seen more in the past couple of months then I have seen in the past two years.” When we asked, how he has seen change his response was, “For one more coal trucks on the road, their going day and night here, so that is a plus. This is a coal mining town.”

Residents have also seen a change of people who have been out of work. Charity Marrs, said her husband now has his job back because of President Trump. “My husband is back to work now full time. A lot of things have really seen progress as far as coal mines, and that is most of our income in our family. We have really seen a lot of improvement already, even though it is not one hundred percent yet. But it is looking a whole lot better.”

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