Rescued Four, Facing Criminal Charges

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The four people who entered the rock house powellton mine illegally where found safe and have been rescued. Now there is a possibility they could be facing serious charges for entering the abandoned mine illegally.

The raleigh county sheriff’s department lead the investigation after the four were reported missing. Family members stated they went in the mine to steal copper.
Now according to Lt. McCray they have a number of interviews to conduct, but charges are expected to be filed anytime in the next couple of days.
What criminal charges could they be facing?
Local Attorney Robert Dunlap explains what the possible charges could be.
“Well it’s really depending on the prosecuting attorney, what they feel they can get a conviction for. They could go with a simple trespass, my suspensions, they’ll probably charge with 613-12 which could give these young people; If they believe they went inside to commit a felony, one to ten years in prison.”
The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department investigation into this matter is on-going.
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