Representative Jenkins Talks With Coal Miners

SCARBRO– U.S. Representative Evan Jenkins visited the Republic Energy Mine near Scarbro, WV Thursday afternoon to talk with miners about eliminating the Stream Buffer Zone Rule. “We have been fighting this rule for years, I have been working to stop it. This is just the last effort, but it’s going to be the effort that actually works.” said, Representative Jenkins in an interview with WOAY. The rule which went into effect January 19th, which requires extra monitoring of waterways at and near mine sites during all phases of mining. The U.S. House and Senate introduced legislation to overturn this rule.

“The legislation was introduced Monday of last week. On Wednesday, it passed the House of Representatives and on Thursday, the U.S. Senate took it up and passed it. It is now sitting on the Presidents desk.” said, Representative Jenkins.¬† Jenkins said, now all they need is President Trump’s signature, which he said he will sign it, and essentially it will be a done deal.

Jenkins stated, “When people talk about nothing is happening in Washington or they see all the ranker and what looks very political. I think for West Virginians who understand and appreciate the importance of coal and coals future.¬†This rule was not getting a lot of attention, but I will tell you, it was a job killer and we killed it last week.”

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