Rep. Jenkins Holds Fentanyl Epidemic Roundtable

“It took over my life. I started dealing. I started stealing from my family… lying… I lost my apartment, and I went to jail. My own grandmother pressed charges against me,” said Sarah Altizer, a recovering drug addict and resident at Recovery Point. 

For some West Virginians, they can relate to Altizer’s experience with addiction, and now Congressman Evan Jenkins is taking further action to help those whom are addicted.

“We wanted to bring together law enforcement, recovery treatment, and the federal representatives together in one room to talk about the epidemic of all epidemics: the fentanyl crisis,” said Representative Evan Jenkins. 

On Thursday, Representative Jenkins visited the Recovery Point, a non-profit organization that offers recovery services to men and women who are struggling with any type of substance abuse. During that visit, Jenkins held a round-table discussion addressing the crisis that has quickly led to heroin. Something that Altizer says she was addicted to. 

“When you’re that hopeless, you could put a gun to my head and I’d say do it. Nothing helped. I’d go to treatment, and I would try out or I would leave AMA. I’ve never been in a treatment center this long. I was in jail in Virginia for six months. I went to a halfway house after and relapsed. I’ve never actually been in a program that makes you work on yourself,” said Altizer. 

October 28th, will mark 10 months of being sober for Altizer, and she says she is hopeful that the steps that Representative Jenkins plans on taking will help prevent this deadly epidemic.

Jenkins added, “We need to be looking at whether or not the designation of National Emergency, which the President suggests would be made, and I’m hoping he will make it sooner rather than later. Maybe we have the possibility of addressing the cost of these anecdotes that literally save lives from naloxone.”  

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