Renovations Underway at Greenbrier Valley Airport

GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- The Greenbrier Valley Airport has made a number of renovations over the past few years and now they’re moving on to another.

Within the last year, the airport updated fuel storage tanks, the airport restaurant, and even the lobby. Currently, a five million dollar project is happening at the aircraft parking apron.

Aprons typically last about 20 years before repairs are needed. Officials tell Newswatch they are glad their apron is finally getting a well-needed makeover.

“Material that’s coming out of the ground will be recycled so we can create additional parking space so reuse and recycle and were very pleased to have this project we have several projects lined up behind that but this is the project currently underway,” Airport Director Stephen Snyder said. 

The airport is in the process of looking into future projects, including finding additional tenants to fill space on their property.

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