REFIT: A Life Changing Fitness Group


Earlier today, REFIT, a life changing group fitness experience, hosted its special edition movie theme workout.


The event kicked off in its new REFIT home base at the Raleigh County Community Action Association location in Downtown Beckley.


The goal of the partnership is to offer a variety of programs to help make fitness not seem boring, but rather that rocks your body, heart and soul with powerful moves.


“So it’s not just about the fitness part, which is awesome.  We all want to get healthier, but we also know part of being healthier is having healthy relationships. When people come to our class, we try to connect with them outside of class and at the end of class so that they’re able to feel like they have a community and we call them our REFIT tribe,” said Amber Fuller, a REFIT instructor.


REFIT classes are free and are open to participants of all ages. The classes take place every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

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