Red Cross Volunteers Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

It is a storm that has turned deadly, at least five people have been killed and dozens have been injured after Hurricane Harvey, made its way throughout parts of Texas and ending in Houston. Volunteers from all over are now making their way to the disaster areas to help those who have been affected. 

“We have hundreds of volunteers on the ground right now from across the country, including here in West Virginia. A number of them have already deployed and will continue to deploy in the coming days,” said Courtney Clark, Red Cross Executive Director, Southeast Chapter. 

After, southern West Virginia experienced catastrophic flooding just a little over a year ago, the Red Cross says they are making sure these victims get the same help they did during that horrific time. Clark added, “We’re working to make sure that their comfortable, they have a safe place to stay and in addition to that we have tractor trailer supplies on the ground.” 

If you know someone in the Texas area, Red Cross has also created a way for you to stay in contact with that person through an app on your phone. The Emergency Application, “Family Safe” allows you to check on your loved ones instantly by sending them a text. That person can either select “I’m safe” or “I’m not safe” through text messaging. This will help the person know if their loved ones are in harms way. 

The Red Cross is also still seeking volunteers and donations.

Clark added, “You can text Harvey to 9-0-9-9-9 to make a $10 dollar donation. To learn more about volunteering you can call 1-8-0-0 Red Cross or donate online by visiting”

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