Reconnecting McDowell: Making A Difference In The Lives of Students and Community

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY)-  High school students from McDowell County gathered in Charleston to show their support, as well as learn about a program called Reconnecting McDowell, which is making a difference in the lives of students and communities.


Launching about six years ago in an area that has been faced with years of academic and socio-economic challenges, this program has engaged more than 125 partners to help students succeed.


“My son is in the program. My son, Brandon, has Asperger’s Syndrome. Anytime he can be exposed to mentors or partners through the program that will make Brandon a better person. I’m thrilled,” said Delegate Ed Evans, whose son is in the program.


AT&T, a proud partner of the program, announced a donation of $200,000 to help students and expand the program.


Some students shared what Reconnecting McDowell means to them and how the program has made a positive impact.


“It gives people a chance that don’t have the chance to be able to progress towards the future,” said Austin Blackwell, member of Reconnecting McDowell.


“I am going to go Marshall to get my B.A. in Nursing,” said Konraa Brown, who shared how excited she is for the next steps of her life.


With the focus in 2018 on career and technical training programs, these high school students will receive real world training and skill development for jobs that need to be filled so they can prosper and make a difference in McDowell County.

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