Rebuilding Richwood

The city of Richwood in Nicholas County is still recovering from the major floods they had back in June of 2016. Governor Jim Justice made plans last summer to recover from this tragic natural disaster that killed many and left dozens of family’s homes in ruins throughout the county. The Appalachia Service Project is helping with managing the funds for building new homes where the old Richwood Hospital once stood. The hospital was demolished back in 2008, this n

ow leaves a vacant lot. I spoke to Christian Aid Ministries house builder Vernon King about the details on these new homes, he said, “We are working here building these homes for flood victims, from the flood last year.”

There are currently 5 new small family houses in the grassy field where the hospital once stood. A hand full of more small homes will be built in time behind these almost completed structures. All the new homes will be mitigated up on a raised foundation, to prevent the homes from being flooded out again, if another flood were to happen. They also feature metal roofing for longevity.

Another company helping with constructing these homes is the Red Star Home Supply. These homes are being helped with funding by the Neighbors Loving Neighbors program. Vernon King said, “This Project here is being funded by Neighbors Loving Neighbors and ASP is managing it, and those funds that Neighbors Loving Neighbors is getting together.” They are set to have families move in within a few months time. The homes main purpose is to stabilize the blue collar workers of Richwood and to prevent the population from decreasing any further.


-Frank Notarbartolo

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