Re-Imagine Days

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV – It may be a snow day in another generations eyes but for this new generation snow days are long gone.

Now there are re-imagine days which are days that school is closed because of inclement weather conditions. The board of education has created re-imagine day packets which are assignments that students have to finish on days where there is no school. There is a new addition to that called a re-imagine time day. On days when school is canceled parents can take their child to the school to receive help on their assignments from their teacher.

” I think it’s beneficial for our students because it teaches them to work independently. This year, however, were going to allow them if the parents choose to do so they will have the opportunity to take the children to the school to get assistance from their instructor. And it also enables us to get that magic number of 180 days of school in.” Said Terry George, Superintendent of Fayette County B.O.E

Parents do not have to wait until a snow day for their children to do their re-imagine day packets.

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