Raleigh General Reopens Medical Complex Surgical Services

Raleigh General Hospital reopened their medical complex surgical services this evening.
The first patient will be seen on Wednesday around 8 am.
Reopening the medical complex building will allow Raleigh General to offer two services
to the community.
The first is outpatient surgery and the other is endoscopy procedures which allow physicians
to look at your colon.
The hospital has more than 20 procedures scheduled for Wednesday.
The Assistant Chief Nursing Officer said Raleigh General’s goal is to make communities healthier.
“Our goal is really to make communities healthier by being able to provide the outpatient surgery
services that those populations of patients really need the most and that’s why we chose those service lines to be able to provide here at Raleigh General,” said Daniel Shelford the Assistant Chief Nursing Officer.
The hospital hired 25 staff members for the reopening and they have more than 150 years of combined experience.

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