Raleigh General Hospital Celebrated Doctors Day!

It was no typical day for the doctors at Raleigh General Hospital, as they celebrated Doctors Day. All of the health care providers came together Thursday afternoon to be recognized by the wonderful care they give their patients.

The Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Raleigh General, Daniel Shelford, said, “Today we have a celebration of lunch and Mardi Gras theme. we are recognizing them with a wonderful meal and some gifts and all the contributions to what they do everyday.

Raleigh General Hospital has more than three hundred healthcare providers and many of them have been going to the celebration since it started. Obstetrician at Raleigh General, David Rainey, said, “It’s very nice, they provide a special event for us to come. they usually provide a gift like this week they have the jacket for us, it’s very nice.”

Pulmonary Sleep Medicine Doctor, Charles Porterfield, said, “Well it gives us a chance to socialize that we don’t always have during the working hours at the hospital. it gives us a chance to taste different foods, we have some food catered in here at the local restaurants, so it gives us a chance to sample other types of food. it’s just a nice time to socialize, talk to some of the nurses, nurses staff administration.”

Raleigh General Hospital has celebrated doctors day for several years and say they will continue to celebrate to show their appreciation to all of the health care workers.

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