Raleigh County Sheriff's Office Warns Residents Of Phone Scam

The phone rings and on the line, is a man that goes by the name of James Perry, claiming to be local law enforcement asking for payment of recent civil papers.

But the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office is now warning residents of these types of calls that are a indeed just a new scam to take your money.

“We don’t know who James Perry is. He doesn’t work here, and in addition to that, the sheriff’s office does not call anyone to ask for money for the service of civil papers,”┬áLt. M.A. McCray told WOAY.

Many residents have been tricked into providing personal and financial information when they receive calls like this the last couple of days.

So if you do receive a call to your home, or even to your cell phone, claiming to be the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office, do not give any information of any kind. If you do have doubts that it is a legitimate call, the sheriff’s office is asking for you to hang up and call back the office’s main line.

The number you can call to reach the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office 24 hours a day, seven days a week is 304-255-9300.

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