Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department receives $5,000 DUI grant

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – One Raleigh County law enforcement department receives a grant to continue to keep impaired drivers off of the road.

The Raleigh County Commission approves a DUI grant worth $5,000 for the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department. The grant is used to pay deputies working overtime with the sole purpose of monitoring the roads for impaired drivers.

“This money allows for deputies, who chose to on their off hours, to come out and work overtime and patrol just looking for impaired or intoxicated drivers,” said Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Jason Redden. “It puts extra deputies on the street. Those deputies are just out there to do this job. They don’t have to answer 911 calls. They don’t have to do anything else other than patrol.”

The Sheriff’s Department applies for a DUI grant from the commission three times each year.

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