Raleigh County School Service Workers Receive Life Saving Training

RALEIGH COUNTY,WV (WOAY)- In a matter of minutes or even seconds an active shooter situation can happen at any school. Local law enforcement is helping make sure that our service workers are one step ahead of the bullets.

Raleigh County school service personnel had the chance to see just how hectic it can be if an active shooter is on campus. Both the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office and Beckley Police Dept. teamed up to introduce this training program.

The new training program called A.L.I.C.E. gives workers an in-depth look at different ways they can handle an active shooter scenario.

Director of Pupil Services, Eric Dillon said, “It stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate which are sequential in order.”

Teachers told Newswatch, in previous training program’s workers were only taught how to put the school in lockdown mode and to hide which they find in modern times isn’t effective.

Fairdale Elementary Worker, Michelle Birchfield notes, “It’s not a good idea, this training makes you realize that was a really bad idea.”

After leaving today’s training teachers are confident that they’re ready if an active shooter came on campus.

Crescent Elementary Worker, Michael Fowlkes said, “It definitely helped you understand sounds and how far away they are. Hopefully it never goes down but if it did, I’d feel more comfortable with what I need to do.”

Although students did not participate in this training service workers have simple advice for student’s if the situation ever happens.

“Listen! They tell you now! They will tell you exactly where the shooter is, or where the activity is happening. Just listen and if your able to get out you get out and if you can barricade then you barricade,” Birchfield adds.


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