Raleigh County Officers Receive Promotions

The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department had some exciting news this Wednesday.

Two of their officers walked into work on Wednesday morning with new positions.

Deputy Tony McGlothlin was promoted to Corporal,
and Corporal and Detective Brian Stump was promoted to Sergeant.

They both shared with us what it means to them to have received these honors.

“It’s recognition that you go to work and you do your job right, to the best of your ability. Sometimes you get a smack on the back, and a ‘Hey! That was a great job!’ And then sometimes you don’t, but this is a culmination of all the times you did it right, and now I have the title to go with it,” said Corporal Tony McGlothlin.

“It means a great deal. You work and strive to make the promotions every time they come around. So I’m quite happy about it,” expressed Sergeant Brian Stump.

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