Raleigh County Considering Taking Over Local Park

BEAVER, WV (WOAY) – Built in 1935 Little Beaver Park originally was in possession of Raleigh County but decades later the county gave up their ownership to the state.

Months ago the state asked if the county would like the park back.

“The commission wanted to do an investigation to see if it was a viable opportunity so they appointed a committee,”¬†Committee President Steve Davis said.

For the past eight months the committee has been studying the area. The park is estimated to be over 600 acres and has a RV park along with a lake.

Officials add that the area has not been kept up through the years and will require several updates which may be pricey.

“It’s a really beautiful park, really beautiful place which will be a big asset for Raleigh County but the question is whether it’s worth the initial investment and they’ll have to subsidize it to keep it up so that’s a question for the commission,” Davis noted.

One of the big expenses is that there’s a leak in the dam, which the committee found after viewing a yearly DEP report.

Davis said, “The lake would have to be drained and while it’s drained you have to remove the sediment an there’s about 100,000 yards of sediment that’s gathered over the last 20 years.”

If the commissioners decide to move forward with the acquisition they will now be responsible for all upkeep and employees. The state has agreed to keep the lake stocked with fish granted guest can continue to fish for free.

Over the next several months the commission will make a decision. If the county does takeover ownership it would go into effect July 2019.

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