Raleigh Co. Man Who Is Accused of Setting His Girlfriend on Fire Waives His Preliminary Hearing

A Raleigh County man, who is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire last month, waived his preliminary hearing today in magistrate court.

Dwayne Michael Lane, 47, allegedly poured gasoline onto his girlfriend, Belinda Cox, during a heated argument. Cox was taken to a Pittsburgh hospital where she later died earlier this month.

Lane was charged with first degree murder, as well as additional charges. Some of those charges include: kidnapping, third degree arson, arson causing serious bodily injury and gross child neglect.

“Because it’s first degree murder, he is not entitled to have a bond set in magistrate court. So he’ll have to set a hearing in circuit court to seek a bond. Of course, we’ll object to any bond. On October 27th, there are hearings set on some of the remanding charges. So on October 27, we’ll know if he waives those or if we have a preliminary hearing. So the effect of the waiver of the preliminary hearing is the same as if the magistrate had found probable cause,”┬áKristen Keller, the Prosecuting Attorney, said.

Lane faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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