A Raleigh Co. Man Pleads Guilty On Drug Charges

He is a Raleigh County man prosecutors describe as a “heroin kingpin”. But, now he is a convicted felon. Twenty-five year old Damon Harris pleaded guilty in the Raleigh county district court on Tuesday to voluntary manslaughter as well as three counts of drug charges. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Raleigh County, Benjamin Hatfield told us, “Mr. Harris just pleaded guilty to every single thing he was charged with, I think that’s an important message to send to the drug dealing community here in Raleigh county. If you deliver heroin and someone dies you will be held accountable. Not just for delivering heroin but for that death.”  

That is exactly what Harris is charged with after selling a bad batch of heroin to Brian Keener that resulted in death. Hatfield says he is happy to have a big drug dealer like Harris off the streets. He added, “I often say that the most successful dealers don’t particularly have to live elsewhere, they are right here in your community. I think that Mr. Harris being incarcerated at least for the current point is exactly where he needs to belong and my official sentiment will be that it’s now in the Judges hands.”

For Harris’ attorney, he says he feels that it is not too late for Harris to possibly turn his life around. Defense Attorney Robert Dunlap told us, “This court actually has the digression to consider, especially with a young man like this that has a lot of promises fall into the drug culture that is so pervasive in our area. He has an opportunity to go to the Anthony Center maybe to turn his life around, that’s why they have that resource. So, many of these young people are struck into this drug culture were really fighting in this community so we’re not giving up hope on him.”

Harris is due back in court on July 20th at 9 am. The judge will then decide if he will be sent to a juvenile offender facility in Greenbrier county or be sent to prison.  He faces up to 8.75 to 80 years if the Judge denies his request to the facility.

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