Raleigh Co. Celebrates Earth Day

It was a wet and cold day on Saturday, but that didn’t stop the public from cleaning up their community. Several volunteers in Raleigh county came together to not only help clean up their county but also celebrate “Earth Day.” Piney Creek Watershed Association Executive Director, David Stewart told us, “I went to my board back in the fall and said, “Hey we got a big trash problem in Raleigh county and I would like to do something about it.” And so, my board approved me to put together a county wide clean up and that’s what this really turned out to be. It is Raleigh county earth day 2017, it’s a big clean up and a huge beautification effort throughout the county.”  

This year marks the 47th anniversary of “Earth Day” and volunteers say having a clean environment is important to them and their community. Adam Quesenberry who volunteered for his first time this year said, “We worked around the old newspaper building cleaned it up, threw trash out, walked around the streets picking up trash, cigarette butts anything like that. It was very beneficial, it makes the town look a lot better and it shows that people care.” Another volunteer, Jim Chambers told us,”It establishes what we call something that is good for the community number one and it sets a great example for our city and our state and all of America.”

And although today isn’t the best weather, volunteers are still working hard in Raleigh county to keep their community clean not only for right now, but also for future generations. Leigh Ragalyi was out in the rain all morning helping clean up the community and she says she is doing it all for her son Miles,”I do it for him, I want a future for him I don’t want him living in landfills, so I want to do my part to leave this world a better place so he can enjoy it.”

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