Quota International Of Beckley Hosts Their Annual Signing Santa Christmas Party

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Santa came to town to spread some joy to a bunch of special boys and girls.

Quota International of Beckley hosted their 40th annual Signing Santa Christmas Party, getting

“We invite all the hearing impaired children in Raleigh County to a Christmas party and Santa, who can communicate them, arrives and gives them presents.” Said Karen Reed, Quota International Member

Quota members have hosted this “Signing Santa” party for years, and one member shares what the inspiration is behind it.

“We were just so involved with the hearing impaired class at Central elementary, years ago and so the children there, we thought; How can we make it special for them so we found a Santa who could do sign language, and he had a team of elves, and they would do sign language, do Christmas carols in sign language and communicate with the children and they looked so forward to it as did the teachers and so that became a tradition with us.” Said Reed

And It is starting new traditions for the children as well… One parent shares with us how many years her daughter has been attending.

“Cloe’s been doing it since preschool, so about four years now cause she’s in first grade now. I think it’s good cause Cloe’s pretty shy anyway and she gets to be around other kids, that may be hearing impaired or have other hearing issues. I think it’s good that they take time out and do stuff for kids like them too.” Said Lydia Treadway

The “Signing Santa” doesn’t just spread the Christmas spirit to the children and their families but it continues to inspire the Quota members as well.

“It’s something we so look forward to, and the children make our gifts as well as receive gifts, and it is truly the high light of our season.” Said Reed

I was able to see first hand how it makes the children feel. “It makes me feel happy!” Said Cloe Frame

Everyone took the time out to enjoy time with Signing Santa.



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