Puppies abandoned in freezing cold, left outside for more than 12 hours before found

WAGONER, OKLA. (KTUL) – The Animal Clinic of Wagoner is looking for the woman who abandoned six tiny puppies at their clinic when temperatures dipped below freezing Sunday night. This is illegal in Oklahoma.


LaDonna Coppedge is a receptionist at the clinic. She was one of the first people to find the puppies.
“We got into work a little before 8 Monday morning, and we noticed there was a crate sitting outside by our grooming area,” she said. “One of our employees, Saundra went out there, got the crate and said, ‘We have puppies.’”

The woman leaving the puppies was caught on the vet’s surveillance video. Doctor Larry Peters, who owns the clinic, said the woman dropped off the puppies with the mother dog there.


The puppies stayed outside 12 and a half hours alone before they were found.

Peters said it’s a problem too common in Wagoner County, since they do not have a humane society.

“We don’t have anywhere to take care of the rural animals outside the city limits,” he said.
Many face a far worse fate.

“Unfortunately, a lot are dumped in the country,” said Coppedge. “We’ve had them brought to us in boxes from in a ditch down by the river. These are actually lucky.”


All six puppies are in the care of a foster home, but they still need their mom. The vet assumes they are about three weeks old, which means they are still trying to nurse. That’s why the vet is asking for the person to bring that mom back, even if it is anonymous.

“Let us keep her; let the puppies nurse for a couple more weeks until they are weened,” said Coppedge. “It’s for their health, and then we will get their mama dog spayed for no charge and give her back. That’s how we want to break at least this cycle. If not,l six months down the road, this is going to happen again and that little dog is going to be pregnant.”

The vet said the puppies look like a chihuahua mix.

They will be available to adopt in a couple of weeks. All will be spayed and neutered and have their vaccinations started.

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