Public Hearing For The People Of Richwood

“None of those types of secret meetings occurred.” That was the Superintendent, Donna Burge-Tetrick, of Nicholas county schools response when she took the stand Thursday afternoon. After a tough decision was made Tuesday night by the superintendent and Board of Education to consolidate schools in Nicholas County, the people of Richwood decided to take this to the court system.

“We have felt all along that a lot of decisions were made behind closed doors and behind the drawn curtain and the upstart of what happen in that court room today is that we now have discovery and can pull back the curtain and find out who said what and when and find out how we got to be where we are because frequently after this point we’ve been out of the loop so this is a good day for Richwood.” said, Mayor of Richwood after the hearing was over. The Mayor of Richwood as well as many residents feel that the Board of Education disobeyed the “sunshine law.”

When WOAY asked the Superintendent’s lawyer for comment, he declined.  Only one board member, Phil Berry, who would not talk on camera said he thinks the hearing went “reasonably well.”

When WOAY asked the people of Richwood how they felt the hearing went, it was nothing but positive comments. “Today to me feels like the beginning of what needed to come out all the facts are finally starting to come out and we’re finally going to be entitled to perceive that information.” said former student of Richwood, Craig Nicholas. Cindy Arbaugh, resident of Richwood said, “Richwood is a town that won’t die, we won’t give up we have so much tanasity that we will never stop our fight.”

The next scheduled hearing will be in 60 days on May 10th here at the Nicholas County Court House.

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