Public Hearing For Fayette County Schools Continues…

It was rather a small crowd on Thursday evening as members of the public came together to voice their concerns they have for consolidation of Oak Hill and Fayetteville high school. With only a total of six people coming forward, many of them seem to support consolidation of the two Fayette County schools. 

One of the members of the community, Cindy Chamberlin who spoke during the hearing says she is favor of consolidation. “Looking at educational standards we are fifty second out of fifty-five counties in the state of West Virginia, that makes me want to cry and vomit at the same time because our kids deserve more. I am here as a parent of three children but I also work with high risk special need kids everyday and those kids deserve the same opportunities as my kids do even if their parents are making bad decisions.” Teri Harlan who is also in favor of consolidation told us, “I think that will have more educational opportunities, I think we can be more innovative, maybe offer more steam, more opportunities that other kids are seeing in other counties or in other states.”

But there were also others who are against consolidation but did not wish to speak on camera. And for Fayette County Superintendent, Terry George, he says that consolidation is necessary. “The purpose is to provide students with better facilities and also to provide them with most efficient and proficient curriculum that we can provide them here in Fayette county. With five high schools our resources are spread so thin that we can’t provide students with all the necessary courses and all the necessary classroom type situations that are needed for them to prepare themselves for college and careers.” said George. 

The final vote on whether to consolidate both oak hill and Fayetteville high school will be taken by the board on May 16th following the conclusion of the hearing for New River Elementary. 

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