PSC Transportation Officers Earn $40 million for State Highway Fund

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – The Public Service Commission today announced its Transportation Officers once again met all Federal requirements for enforcing laws respecting maximum vehicle size and weights on the Interstate System and state highways.  Meeting these requirements is necessary in order for West Virginia to receive its full allotment of the Federal aid funds for the National Highway System apportioned to the State for the next fiscal year.

The PSC has met these requirements every year since taking over weight enforcement efforts from DOH in 2003.  Had the PSC not met the Federal requirements, the State would have suffered a 10% reduction in funds, or a loss of around $40 million.  The funds will be received by the West Virginia Department of Highways and used for routine maintenance or other improvements.

“The Public Service Commission is very proud to do our part to keep West Virginia’s highways safe,” said PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane.  “From pulling over overweight trucks and taking unsafe vehicles out of service to contributing needed dollars to maintain our roads, our officers are out there every day keeping us all safer.”

It is a Federal Highway Administration policy that each state enforce vehicle size and weight laws to assure that violations are discouraged and that vehicles traveling the highway system do not exceed the limits specified by law.  These size and weight limits are based upon design specifications and safety considerations.  Enforcement efforts are developed and maintained both to prevent premature deterioration of the highway pavement and structures and to provide a safe driving environment.

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