Prosecutor Speaks Out On DUI Case

It is a story that several people won’t forget, as next month marks the anniversary of Eric and Joyce Richardsons deaths. Sarena Fox is serving her sentence. Fox’s mother said in a recent interview that her daughter wasn’t the only one under the influence. She said the other man who was killed was also therapeutically over the limit.  We reached out to the prosecutor of this case to see what he had to say. 

“The drugs that were in Ms. Fox’s system were illegal, she was not prescribed those medications. The facts and circumstances of the case suggest that those drugs caused her to lose control of her vehicle and cause the death of these two people. There is no evidence that the drugs that were legally in the defendants system in any way contributed to these deaths.” said Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney of Fayetteville, Brian Parsons. 

Fox’s mother who said she took a narcotic the night before and still had it in her system the next morning, only began taking them for a bad back. But prosecutor Parsons still said there is no comparison in this case. Parsons told us, “Ms. Fox had no such prescription for those drugs, she shouldn’t of had any of that in her system, so to try and compare as equal a person who is performing an illegal act taking a drug with someone who is legally taking prescribed medication is nonsensical.”

Although Fox’s mother is upset with the ruling, prosecutor Parsons says maybe she should’ve considered this, “The facts in this case are simple in that Ms. Fox entered a plea of guilty to this crime. If she had a problem or her family had a problem with the facts and circumstances around this case she should’ve of entered a guilty plea and she should’ve went through trial.” said, Parsons. 

Parsons believes that justice has been served.

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