Proposed Plan To Cleanup Fayette County

Charleston attorney and former Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Callaghan is working with Prosecuting Attorney Larry Harrah to clean up Fayette County with an established fund. 

Callaghan and Harrah will begin the process of clean up by tracking down the responsible parties and their insurance companies that have polluted the county, as well as Dumping PCBs in Minden. If the insurance companies then decide to settle with the county, that money will be placed into a trust fund and used for cleanup. 

However Brandon Richardson, founder of the environmental group Headwaters Defense does not believe these funds will be used for cleanup. Richardson told WOAY during a phone interview, “The parties that they are trying to go after are also the parties that the residents will likely be going after to relieve their needs, to get their needs met. So I really fear that we will be going after the same groups for money and I fear that any money that goes into the county might not be handled the best.”  

With Fayette county being a tourist area, West Virginians want to make sure that the area is free from pollution. Harrah told the Register Herald because of the county’s popular tourism, they don’t want it out there. 

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