Proposed New Toll Hike

Tolls for the West Virginia Turnpike are scheduled to increase on January of 2019.

There was a Townhall Workstation held at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center Monday evening
for people to ask questions about the proposed new toll schedule.

The Townhall is scheduled for Mercer County on Tuesday afternoon and will allow citizens to come in look at charts and talk to the staff and consultants who conducted a lot of the studies used for this project.

The General Manager of the West Virginia Parkways Authority said all of the money generated by the early enrollment will be used right here in southern West Virginia to improve our local roads.

“That money is required by law to be spent in 10 counties in southern West Virginia. All with an
access to the turnpike so the people and some of the commercial customers who are paying a little
more are going to at least know that money is going to work on roads and bridges right here in southern
West Virginia,” said Greg Barr the General Manager of the West Virginia Parkways Authority.

One more Townhall Workshop will be held Tuesday evening at the Mercer County Courthouse from 5:00 pm
to 8:00 pm.

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