Proof of Extraterrestrial Life?

A team at the Greenbank Observatory right here in West Virginia is investigating an asteroid that has traveled from outside our Solar System.
Ryan Lynch, a Staff Scientist, said “It is going to be observing it with the radio telescope to see if they can detect any artificial radio waves. On the off chance that it is actually not a space rock but some sort of artificially made spacecraft or probe that was created and launched out into space by an intelligent civilization.”
Scientists at the Greenbank say don’t lock yourself in a dark room and start making tinfoil hats just yet.
“So it’s a small chance of success but it’s the kind of thing that you would really kick yourself if you didn’t do it and it turned out to be an actual spacecraft,” said Ryan.
So what are the scientists at the observatory hoping to learn?
“It can inform our theories about how the Planetary Systems form and of course that is a very important question for understanding how many earth-like planets there may be out there in our galaxy and then that feeds into all the types of questions about whether or not there may be any of those planets that can form life and what the conditions may be like,” said Dr. Lynch.
It’s pretty safe to say you can keep your “we come in peace” signs tucked away for now but this asteroid may unlock mysteries that are out of this world.

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