Problem Gamblers Help Event Took Place At Glade Springs

A training event to help Problem Gamblers took place May 7th – 9th at Glade Springs.

1-800-GAMBLER, the problem gamblers help network of West Virginia, held the event at the Resort at Glade Springs. Dozens of recovering problem gamblers stayed at the hotel for a three-day long conference. Slideshow presentations and videos were shown by professionals to help fight the addiction.
Jeff Moule, Recovering Gambler, said “I am a compulsive gambler myself, I’m ten months clean. That’s the longest I’ve ever gone in my life.”
Judge Mark Farrell, Senior Judge from Amherst Court in NY, said “One of the most important parts with gambling intervention is trying to have people understand that gambling is an addiction. I think the biggest single problem is that, especially in the light of the opioid addiction that is going on right now, is that people look at gamblers as being character flawed and being bad people. Really they are diseased based. They have an addiction and as a result with the type of carnage gamblers can reap, on themselves and business associates and on their families. We certainly need programs that can provide them treatment.”
1-800-GAMBLER has a high success rate with recovering gamblers.
-Frank Notarbartolo
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