Princeton Police Department encourages business and home owners to evaluate security systems

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The Princeton Police Department is encouraging residents to evaluate their security systems.

After a recent robbery where suspects were caught on camera, but the video quality was too poor to make out any features, the Princeton Police Department is offering to examine any security systems that businesses or residents have.

Lt. Eric Pugh, a detective with the Princeton Police Departments says having a video security system loses a lot of it’s value if it can’t make out distinct features. 

“It’s getting to be winter time, COVID’s still here, so people have their face coverings in public. So now it’s more important to get minor details – tattoos, plate numbers, small imperfections of cars to help us identify these individuals,” Pugh said.

The police ask that you call and make an appointment if you want to have an officer visit and inspect your security system. 

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