President's spiritual adviser: When you oppose Trump, you are 'fighting against the hand of God'

( – Paula White, a televangelist and spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, appeared on television Tuesday to defend the president amid recent controversy using an unlikely Biblical comparison.

While speaking on a panel on “The Jim Bakker Show,” White said that Trump’s presidential victory was similar to a story from the Hebrew Bible where a woman named Esther was chosen to be queen, since both parties were unlikely to be selected for their roles.

As the scripture goes, Esther was a young, orphaned Jewish woman living in exile who, through her wits and good looks, ends up being selected by the Persian king to be his queen at a time when Jews were widely persecuted.

Because of her new position of power, Esther was able to stop a plot to murder all the Jewish people in Persia. The Bible concludes that Esther was placed in her position as queen by God to fulfill this important mission.

On Tuesday, White compared Trump to Queen Esther, saying that he, too, was selected by God to carry out a divine plan.

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Photo Courtesy: The Daily Mail

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