President Donald Trump Visits 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree

This years National Boy Scout Jamboree is only four days away from the end and does not pick back up until another four years. One of the best highlights of this year’s Jamboree that has all the boy scouts thrilled is that the President of the United States spoke to them today!

The lines were several miles long at the Summit Bechtel Reserve on Monday. Thousands of scouts stood eagerly as they waited to see the United States President, Donald Trump. “The reason that I really wanted to be here is because as President, I rely on former Boy Scouts every single day and so do the American people. It is amazing how many Boy Scouts we have at the highest level of our great Government” said, President Trump. Boy Scout, Ryan Orth of North Dakota, was waiting in line and told us, “I am looking forward and honored to meet the President and hear him speak. I’ve never had an opportunity like that and probably never will again.” While another Boy Scout, Will Behrens of Bridgeport, WV added, “I think it’s pretty cool to have the President come to our National Jamboree. I mean it is also kind of appropriate I guess since this is the National Jamboree and the whole country of the United States is here, I think it’s appropriate for Trump to come.”

The Boy Scouts of America welcomed 40,000 scouts, ventures and volunteers to this years Jamboree as well as the traditional invitation to the United States President, who delivered a speech that honored scouts from 29 different states as well international. Boy Scout, Ahmed Cheik of Algeria added, “I am very excited to meet him and I would like to take a photo with him.” During Trumps speech he stated, “The traditions and skills you learn here will serve you throughout your lives and just as importantly they will serve your families, your cities, and in the future and in the present will serve your country.” 

However, not all troops felt exhilarated about Trumps visit. The leader of Troop 417, Steven Baird said, “I have a one day pass to come here and with the President coming, they have to leave early. They close down a lot of the activities at 1 o’clock today, so they are unable to participate in anything, now they are kicking us out.” 

But all in all, the scouts experienced a once in a lifetime moment getting to see the President address a speech directly to them. 

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